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That truly is a fabulous find! :clapping: :clapping:
An outstanding coin!
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That’s an amazing coin jan and well found :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: we have a chap in our club who is a metallurgist and is a expert in straightening coins a does an unbelievable job I can ask him what he recommends to straighten :thumbsup:
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Blimey! Look at that 8-) .....Stonking coin there, Jan! :clapping: :thumbsup:

A ;)
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Wowzers,what a find,it does make you wonder how it was lost...Was it dropped in the middle of a sword fight...Was it part of a chest full which was robbed by highway men and they dropped one in the get away....
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I can only congratulate you really.. I don't know when you plan to but when you get it straightened can you post up the result?
Thanks for showing Jan. :thumbsup:
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WOW What a beauty :Party: :Party: :Party:
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Cracking coin.. well found :clapping: :clapping:
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Nice one Jan. :thumbsup:
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A beautiful coin very nice
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had you any thoughts on the shape of the coin? (I went back to your pictures when you said the farthing picture was better than you could do and I thought - "I recall the gold coin looking pretty good")

As far as I can see there is no damage at the middle of the concave or convex side suggesting it wasn't bent over something. Now it could have been bent several times in the field over the years but it could also have been bent in to a tiny cup. If you've ever tried to bend a circle in to a well shape then you get several unavoidable folds at the edges. I was just imagining if sometime back in history this was made in to the shape to deliver a life saving potion or final blessing of holy water and, just perhaps, the gold coin was a reflection on the recipient.
Just an idle thought.
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It is a nice thought Chris... i have had two ampullae from nearby in this field. However, the field is littered with flint nodules and the other one I found in this field had the same bending, but to a lesser I suspect it is due to being amongst them. The photo actually exaggerates the amount of curving/cupping of the shape. It wouldn't take much to flatten it out. because the coin is so shiny the reflections really do make it hard to take a true photograph.
It is a strange field....mostly 16th/17th century with a smattering of late 18th century was pretty much the norm, apart from a few outliers like the ampullas and a stater, for a decade. In the last two years it has started throwing out 14th century stuff ....and so going back through my finds I am discovering quite a few other bits which were actually 14th century too. Sometimes it takes a special find to actually bring all the seemingly random bits into perspective. It is much harder as a detectorist than as an archie because nothing is stratified and in situ....and it can seem like a random range of casual losses. But amidst all this, patterns of occupation gradually emerge. But obviously the further you go back the less metal was around (leaving aside the Romans of course) so that aspect has to be weighted into the equation. If you got a site with 10 Vicky/Georgian bits coming up to every 1 from the medieval it would still be indicative of medieval occupation more than Victorian. IYSWIM.
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