Prize draw for the Leather Pin pointer holder tonight

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Aye up troops and troopesses (is that a word?)

I cant give an exact time of when i'll record the draw tonight as i have a few things happening tonight that i cant wriggle out of, and i have an asda shopping order between 9pm and 10pm too

But i'll get the draw done and place the video here for you all
It wont be a long one, but it also wont be the last one either, we have more planned for the future!

Can i ask if you would consider subscribing to our youtube channel?
We dont have any content as yet, but we are working on that and by subscribing it pleases youtubes algorithms and they then push our content onto other like minded folk
Same with clicking the thumbs up or thumbs down, it makes no difference, but again it pleases the algos and spreads us about ... subscriber

I'll keep ya informed :thumbsup:
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Blackadder43 wrote: Tue Sep 22, 2020 6:32 pm troopesses (is that a word?)
N-n-nope. :D

Good luck to all :thumbsup:
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figgis wrote: Tue Sep 22, 2020 6:47 pm N-n-nope. :D

Good luck to all :thumbsup:
Nothing wrong with trying to set a trend. :Thinking: 8-)
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