Middle Earth Season 2020.....Part Two..

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Well that was an interesting Sunday. First time in 12 years and almost 200 digs it went a bit "wrong" !!
See farmer, farmer marks off "their land" on a map.
Check with farmer by text "Can we go on part of your block of land at ****?" Yep that`s fine.
Arrive Sunday, set up, parked at side of the road, no hiding involved. 😁Release the 26 members at 9.00am.... all good.

About 10.00am the Gamekeeper appears playing "Round them up Cowboy" with the folk out in the field accompanied by some horribly aggressive & foul language.
Eventually he reaches "Mission Control" still chuntering like an out of control steam train. "I`ve rang the **** landowner, he`s going to **** prosecute you.....chunter,chunter,,,,".

Anyway landowner arrives. Incredibly nice chap who was going to suggest we stayed, but Brian (the keeper) was still chuntering & swearing at anyone.
So I took the land owners number and arranged for us to vacate to another block of land.

Still managed to find 4 hammered, 2 Roman, a lovely Ampulla and other bits and bobs.

Ringing the landowner today, seems he only owns 1500 acres. :D :D
I`m Marmite me. Opinionated, obstinate and somewhat tenacious.

I’ve lost sites because of people like that, with the owner not wanting to upset the person who looks after his land ,
Owners themselves being fine, but like I say they need the managers
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