Double Dingers

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With just the afternoon to detect, I hoped that the forecast of heavy rain was wrong. It wasn't... :|

I stuck it out for less than two hours before heading for home, soaked to the skin, but was lucky enough to bag a pair of intact crotal bells, both of which still ring :D
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Hats off to you for voluntarily having a cold shower. On balance I think it was worth it for two beautiful Crotal bells. :thumbsup:
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Well done for braving the rotten weather, well worth it though.

A lovely pair! :thumbsup:

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Excellent result :thumbsup:
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You're a better man than I. Although itching to get out I gave up on the idea, but might have braved it for a couple of them beauties :thumbsup:
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Ooooh now those are nice..... :clapping:
Only ever found 2 whole ones, one i cant find in the house :lol: and the other sits on my desk :thumbsup:
Nice to see you here too :D
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well found indeed :thumbsup:
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Lovely! :thumbsup:
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