Another great day!

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Cracking day out today, bit fresh in the wind again but sunny and dry, warmed a little in the afternoon, saw a sparrow hawk dive after a small bird but the little bird managed to evade it, saw a Red Kite fly over, the only one I’ve seen for a while, used to see quite a few. a few swallows were flitting around, I guess they will soon be migrating as most are normally gone by this time of the year

Had four roman coins, another pot / cauldron leg, William III Halfpenny 1695, Fragment of a copper alloy plate, and an interesting looking part of possible roman or bronze age instrument, could be a bladed instrument or chisel ????, trying to get some images sorted with the proper camera so will post up in the week, few other bits and bobs and an interesting looking what I think is a lead seal of sorts.

Finished of the bottom section of the field and thought I would get another 30 minutes, jumped in the car and went up to the middle side of the field on, headed off towards the centre, got so far thought I would turn and head back zig zag fashion to the car and head home, as I turned and took two steps, looked down and on the surface was this beauty, lucky I turned when I did, and it’s in great condition.

An Elizabeth I Sixpence 1580

Regards Steve
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Sounds like you had a brilliant day. Very well done on the Lizzie - a very nice one :Star:
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Ooh that's rather nice Lizzy sixpence, love the lettering around the outside, well done you :thumbsup:
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What a great day indeed....and a really nice write-up. I like to be able to picture the scene. Seems like an interesting permission spanning a lot of eras which is always exciting.
Your last find kind of vibes with what Figgis was saying on another thread.
(Sometimes it seems uncanny how we come across things.....especially when we then go over the field later and find little else. Pete(hubby) and I had a quiet day once on a spud field..crop had just come off and some were as usual left behind. Our mind began wandering and we started picking up spuds....he saw a likely clump of spuds and on his way to them found his best find ever.
I haven't seen Red Kites this year either. Lots of owls though and more sparrow hawks than usual.
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Good day there Steve and nice write up I found my first Elizabeth sixpence earlier in the year and now have found 9 Elizabeth 1st coins let’s hope there’s a few more in this field :thumbsup:
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A great result, no doubt plenty more to follow. :thumbsup:
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A great day and nice silver as well :thumbsup:
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