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Another very short session yesterday late afternoon and with a change in the weather its was too hard to resist , it was like a summers day , a huge contrast to the previous day with the weather being cold , great and drizzly . I had about two hours at my disposal and I like these last minute decision sessions and sometimes they can be quite productive . Unfortunately no silver coins to report but plenty of silver foil and bits of random lead .
I am enjoying the Hot programme and I felt much more in tune with the machine and getting used to the sounds and any low grunt sounds I mostly ignored except for a couple I dug just out of curiosity .
The land was still soft and sticky and as Littleboot mentioned in a past thread , signals are sparse despite the good soaking as the soil was still light and fluffy and once it has settled down and compressed it should really begin to play ball .
Due to the daylight limitations I decided to concentrate on one small area and work the edges up and down , it seemed the better option as time was not on my side but if I had longer I would have roamed about and made my way down to a nice smaller field which has always been favourite area but its a fair walk and the temptation to keep the machine switched on while making my way there would only slow me down and limit what time I had .
The area I chose is quite trashy and the amount of silver foil can get a little too much as they sound so good but it has produced some good finds for me in the past and it was a good spot to test out the Deus Lite Hot programme having never used it before on this part of the land . For the first hour or so I had nothing but lead , foil and the continual grunts from Iron , a couple of which I dug and turned out to be half a horseshoe and a bit lump of iron plate . First sweet signal apart from the silver foil was a neat little elongated heart shaped pice with what looks like a pin on the rear , quite refreshing to dig something different .
yesterday finds.jpg
it seemed no sooner had I got into it then it was almost time to make my way back to the car which is a good half hour including digging up signals along the way . I was met with three Deer further down the field , their white rumps prominent against the dark back drop of the small copse from where I guessed they had emerged , they stopped me in my tracks and they too stood watching me most likely wondering if I was any sort of threat , they stood down and galloped off to a more safer area and I watched them disappear through the gap in the hedge leading to the adjoining field .
For the next week or so the forecast is yet more rain and then come mid October and this part of the land is ready for drilling and if the rain continues then I can't go on this area unless things settle down but I do have some stubble fields to contend with so all is not lost . Time will tell , I feel I have yet to get my teeth into these fields and they do give up some good finds . A few other bits and pieces came my way , couple of broken crotal bell fragments one with some pretty impressive pattern which would have been a beauty of it was whole but not to this time round but I was more than happy to have been out for a few borrowed hours and enjoy the surrounding and the final close of play , a nice warm looking sunset which marked my time to go home .
yesterdays sunset.jpg
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Nice write-up. The nights are certainly starting to draw in........
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Nice piece of crotal, Paul.
Sunburst design , plus circle, could well be a Robert Wells.1750 - 1800.
Well done, :thumbsup:
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So pleased you are enjoying HOT :thumbsup: . If the ground would settle I guess you’d have much more finds.

Lovely write up as usual :D
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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