A Neolithic Find - Beautiful

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Fisher 1266 X
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We had a day of mixed results from two sites we visited on Sunday.

The first site was a Romano-British site but nothing was discovered, not even pottery or small ferrous items!

The second site is one that we've covered over 5-years and is also Romano-British.
What a difference! Several pieces of pottery (some really nice examples) and over 30 Roman coins.
I'll add the story later.

Meanwhile, this super Neolithic flint scraper was recovered:
Backlit Scraper
Backlit Scraper
Ambient Lighting
Ambient Lighting
Reverse View
Reverse View

Still extremely sharp!
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That’s nice :Star:
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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There’s always something special about flint tools. That’s a lovely example.
Well spotted, the finder :thumbsup:
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That is very delicate work....it is lovely held to the light...like smoky quartz.
I am in a flint area but with ploughing etc and fractures occurring naturally I have never really got my eye in for knapped tools. The fields are littered with flints but not many are suitable quality.
Time boggles my mind sometimes.
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Thats a great find :thumbsup:
This hobby has us all with eyes to the ground at all times, well spotted though
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Amazing the skill it took to make that, it looks translucent too, a common every day tool that was at the time important for carrying out tasks

A skill passed down through generations no doubt

Nice, a lovely find :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Regards Steve
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Dave The Slave
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Well done, Paul.
Do like the backlighting of the scraper.
Are you able to put the link to your finds blog in your posts ? Would be interesting to see the other finds.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
muddy mick
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Excellent find and well eye balled :thumbsup:
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Oh, that's very nice :thumbsup:

Never managed to spot a flint artefact from any era meself, which is surprising given that the best napping flint in the world (Brandon area) is just down the road. But I will...
Fisher 1266 X
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Hi Guy's

Thanks for the comments.

I did the backlit shot to show how thin these scrapers are...... and to demonstrate their beauty.
It's incredible to think that this may have been knapped up to BC 4000!

I'll post up the story behind the day we had and a link to the pictures soon.

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