Bronze / Copper alloy implement

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Any idea as to what this could be, my thoughts were a chisel or bladed instrument of some sort perhaps , its got some age about it possibly bronze age or Roman due to the lovely patina, the field has thrown up Roman and Medieval and some bronze slag in places close to where this was found

It looks like there is a socket at one end that may have been rounder but crushed? but the blade end has still sharp edges and the breaks look old


Regards Steve
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My first thoughts was a chisel type tool
It does look old and the patina is lovely on that.......

Interesting shape with the bulge on the side profile....almost like a shock absorbing buffer zone if it was indeed a chisel and prone to being struck often...

Nice find for sure :thumbsup:
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Bronze Age dagger chape / scabbard ? :thumbsup:
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