Mary – Queen of Scotland button / mount ??

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john nox600
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Anybody id plz . nothing on the back. about the size of a 50p
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It certainly looks like mary . Interesting 👍
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Could be Mary unless it’s earlier and part of a pair celebrating the marriage of Charles II and Catherine of Braganza? :thumbsup:

Lovely find :Star:
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You say button/mount in the title. It would be helpful to see the back of this piece so we can get some clarity on what it is. Because the back will very much help to age it as well. If that becomes more clear then the whole business of research becomes a lot easier.
You say there is 'nothing' on the back. Does that mean there is nothing now? (I.E. the shank is no longer in situ) Or that there never was?
If there is nothing on the back i can't see how it can be a button. So maybe a token of some kind. Is the back flat or is the item domed?
I am not convinced it is a woman.
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