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I have been rather spoilt this weekend , couple of hours bottle digging yesterday and a few more stolen hours back on the land this late afternoon. Autumn is a glorious season and even more so when the sun is shining and what better way to spend some time out on the fields in such pleasant surroundings . The forecast predicted some short spells of intermittent rain which did actually happen and while the sun shone behind me the skies grew ever darker and grey across the land in front and then a spectacular double rainbow arched its way across the horizon .
Autumn rainbow.jpg
Still using the hot programme and loving every minute of it and my quest for today was to be extra strict and stick to a plan of just one area on the lower slope of the field and just walk some relative straight lines back and forth . It was nice and easy going , the soil now seems to have become a little more compact and I dumped my bag at the edge of the field and just wandered across fairly solid ground . The next coming week and the land will be drilled for winter barley , if the rain stays away and the land doesn't become waterlogged then I can continue to detect on this half of the land but if it is too wet then there is the stubble fields to contend with , either way I am happy enough with this arrangement , at least I can still go on the land despite stubble being the least favourite ground for me .
It was a pleasant excursion , just ambling along in my own time and really enjoying the time out and gradually getting to grips with the Deus Lite , it really is a great machine , nice and light which is important for me , lightweight spade and my pinpointer in my jacket pocket while my bag of bits sat idly on the edge of the field in amongst the strands of grass .
I had the usual signals from iron , I still dug a couple up just to double make sure and I do like the tiny whispy signals that are feint to begin with but once the clod is dug the sound comes to life and usually is a good signal . My first being this odd looking token which looks as if it had been worn as a pendant of sorts and carries the wording "A Lowestoft " which is all that is legible as the rest fades under the years of corrosion , happy with that and so I carried on ever hopeful .
Plenty of silver foil as per usual , a few buttons but no where near as many as my last trip . It was slow going and I walked two lines without so much as a squeak other than the iron signals but all was not lost when this dinky little watch winder popped out , this was a feint signal to begin with but I have learnt to dig these as usually they tend to be worth the effort and the deus lite is teaching me well .
W. Emerson Norwich Street East Dereham , nice and legible and the rear pronounces Jeweller and Watchmaker , happy with that especially as it is local to the area .
Autumn find watch winder.jpg
Another decent find was a buckle and I do like to find these more so when they are whole and not fragments and it seemed a few further signals produced another couple of buckles sadly not intact but still nice to find . Plenty of scrap got in the way of my good fortune , bits of lead , a busted up thimble fragment , foil and other bits and then an 1867 Victoria half penny to round the day off as the light was fading .
All in another good few hours out in the fresh air .
Autumn finds today.jpg
Autumn finds cleaned up.jpg
autumn finds lowestoft .jpg
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It looks like you are getting on great with the Deus fella...well done you...

That field looks lovely too, with a double rainbow in the mix :ugeek:
Great haul too, some nice buckles again....

Excellent stuff :thumbsup:
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"A Lowestoft Farthing" Paul :thumbsup:
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You know where the gold will be.....right there, just to the right of the field boundary :thumbsup: what a great photo that is.
The stubble will soon be rotted enough for you to knock through it.
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figgis wrote: Mon Oct 12, 2020 6:16 am "A Lowestoft Farthing" Paul :thumbsup:
Thanks figgis , that ID has certainly helped me with this brain teaser , I can see the F , A and R and then it fades , all makes sense now :thumbsup:
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Oh yes dod you find the end of the rainbow yet? 8-)

Shame those buckles are broken as the openwork one would have been lovely. Darn those ploughs!

Nice session, lovely writeup :thumbsup:
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